SOO Green HVDC Link ProjectCo, LLC (“SOO Green”) is conducting an Open Solicitation to allocate up to 2,100 MW of transmission capacity rights on its proposed underground, inter-regional high voltage direct current transmission line. The SOO Green HVDC Link will link the MISO and PJM energy markets, giving buyers in PJM access to new sources of large-scale renewable generation and creating a new path to market for renewable generation in MISO. SOO Green will create long-term contracting opportunities for capacity subscriber (“Shippers”) with upstream suppliers and downstream buyers. Register for more information

SOO Green is waiving the deadline to register for the OS for all parties. Additional information on the OS process will follow shortly – please stay tuned.


If you are a MISO Supplier (generator, developer, power marketer) seeking a new transmission path to the PJM market via the SOO Green HVDC Link


If you are interested in subscribing for transmission capacity rights as a Shipper on the SOO Green HVDC Link


If you are a load serving entity, end-user, or power marketer interested in purchasing large-scale renewable energy and other products delivered via the SOO Green HVDC Link

Who should participate in the Open Solicitation?

The SOO Green HVDC Link will provide transmission capacity subscribers with long-term contract opportunities with upstream Suppliers and downstream Buyers

  • Lock-in energy, REC and capacity price spreads between the MISO and PJM Markets
  • Anchor Shippers receive preferential pricing and other first-mover advantages
  • Get matched with upstream renewable energy Suppliers in MISO and downstream Buyers in PJM

The SOO Green HVDC Link will help renewable energy buyers in PJM achieve their carbon reduction goals by providing direct access to new sources of large-scale low-cost renewable energy

  • Manage wholesale market price risk with superior products delivered via the Soo Green HVDC Link
  • Scale your decarbonization efforts at one convenient location to procure clean energy
  • Get matched with Shippers and upstream MISO renewable Suppliers

The SOO Green HVDC Link will provide a new transmission outlet for high quality renewable generation in MISO to meet growing demand in PJM for large-scale sources of renewable energy

  • Unlock new renewable energy development opportunities
  • Reach new customers in an expanded marketplace
  • Get matched with transmission capacity rights subscribers (Shippers) and Buyers in PJM (load-serving entities, retail service providers, aggregators or end-users)

The SOO Green HVDC Link is a first-of-its-kind electricity transmission project that will install state-of-the-art high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission cable underground along existing railroad corridors. Additional development and value proposition information is available to Registered Participants or by visiting the project website. Learn More