Open Solicitation Calendar

Open Solicitation Deadline Extended

Following requests from Registered Participants to the Open Solicitation, please note that the timeline for participation to the Open Solicitation has been extended as detailed in the calendar on this page.

Initial Information Window

 August 10, 2020 Launch of Open Solicitation and access to privileged documents for Registered Participants
 September 4, 2020 Release of the Anchor Shipper Price for the Phase 1 Anchor Shipper Allocation
 September 9, 2020 2:00pm Central Time Virtual information session

Phase 1 – Anchor Shipper Allocation

Coming soon Anchor Shipper Allocation of transmission capacity rights and negotiation of Precedent Agreements
Coming Soon Deadline for prospective Anchor Shippers to register for the OS
Coming soon Deadline to execute Anchor Shipper Precedent Agreements

Phase 2 – Matching

 Coming soon Voluntary Matching of Registered Participants
 Coming soon Matching information posted on the Bulletin Board on a voluntary basis
 Coming soon Matched parties negotiate commercial arrangements independently

Phase 3 – Transmission Capacity Rights Auction

 Coming soon Notification of Phase 1 ASA results and transmission capacity available for Phase 3 TCRA
 Coming soon Master Phase 3 Precedent Agreement posted
 Coming soon Release Auction Reserve Prices & auction rules
 Coming soon Deadline for Registered Participants to submit TCRA Bid forms for participation in the Phase 3 TCRA
 Coming soon Independent Evaluator review of the TCRA Bid submissions
Coming soon Phase 3 TCRA and Independent Evaluator notification to Qualified Shippers
Coming soon  Negotiation and execution of Phase 3 Precedent Agreements