Public Documents

This page contains publicly accessible OS documents.

Registration and Access to Privileged Documents

Additional privileged documents are available to Registered Participants. Interested parties can register for the Open Solicitation by completing the Confidentiality Agreement and submitting it, together with company and contact information

Register for the open solicitation

If you have already registered, please login using the link below to access privileged documents


FAQ and Public Q&A Documents

The FAQ document contains answers to common questions about the SOO Green HVDC Link, project development, and the OS process

FAQ Document

The Q&A document will be updated throughout the Open Solicitation process to disclose (anonymously) all questions received pertaining to the project or the Open Solicitation process, together with the response provided to the inquiring party. This document may be redacted to protect confidential information; a confidential version is available to Registered Participants.

Q&A Document (currently being updated, will be available shortly)


Public Documents

The following public documents provide basic information on the SOO Green HVDC Link and the Open Solicitation process. Additional information and non-public documents are available to Registered Participants.


Legal Documents

Informational Documents